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    Round 2 of the AMA Supermoto series was held at Road America in Wisconsin last weekend. I was extremely nervous but excited about this race since it's the furthest I had ever traveled for a race. I had taken my bike down to Bakersfield the week prior to the race so it could be transferred to the AMA hauler in Temecula by my buddy Josh Jackson who races the lites class. I flew out on Thursday from Sacramento and after many lay overs I was in Wisconsin 9 hours later.

    The weather did not look good for us. It was raining off and on Friday but I was able to get a few dry practice sessions in and the bike and myself felt great. It started to rain again so I decided to call it a day and get ready for the races on Saturday. Saturday morning I woke up to more rain. It continued to rain throughout qualifying.

    I haven't ridden SM a whole lot in the wet but I still felt good and ended up with a 7th in qualifying. The heats were coming up and sky's still looked threatening so we all left rains on despite the track drying out a lot. I'd rather be caught in the middle of the race with rains on than slicks was my thinking. When the green flag went up I was running a comfortable 4th for most of the race and trying not to overheat the rains. Jake Thompson and I started battling for that 4th spot so I had to start pushing harder and when I did my rear tire got very hot and greasy. Jake got by me and I brought it home in 5th in my heat.

    The sky's were now blue and clear when the mains came around so nearly everyone put on slicks except for a few who left rain fronts on. I started third row and I knew I had work to do. Green flag flew for the 450 main and I got a decent start and was mid pack lap 1. There was a lot of people beating, banging and going a little to fast for how cold the track was. Many riders were going off track and crashing. I even went off the racing surface a few times due to close passes and almost high siding off someone back tire. Which sent me back as far as 9th at one point. After putting my head down and trying to be consistent for the rest of our 20 minute main I made my way up to 6th and was battling Jake Thompson for 5th for the last 7 or 8 laps. When we crossed the line the final time I couldn't find my way around him and finished 6th.

    I'm very happy with my finish and that is my highest finish at a national to date. I know I can finish in the top 5 for sure now and that confidence is what I need to get it done. Huge thank you to CVRF for the help as well as Greene construction, Word of Mouth Kennels, AXO, Stockton Honda, and Stockton Moto.

    Can't wait for round 3 in New Hampshire and hopefully that top 5 finish!

    Sam Knox #108
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    Thanks for the post!

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    YES....keep kicking butt!!

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    Thanks guys! Just got my plane ticket for New Hampshire in 2 weeks! Super pumped to head back east and throw down.

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    Totally pumped for you to not only be representing CVRF but also representing Northern California out there on the East Coast Sam! I know it's going to be a costly trip and I'm pulling together some funds to help out with the race expenses. Call me so we can meet up by Tues.

    Anyone want to pitch in to help get Sam out there to run with the AMA Supermoto Big boys feel free to contact me or meet up with me at the go kart track at the Stockton fairgrounds this Saturday. I will be holding a race that day.

    I'm throwing in the first 50 who else is in? $5, $10 or whatever will help!

    Here's a few shots of Sam in action at Stockton.....

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