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  1. Re: Misc. pics from Little 99 Supermoto track

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    Question for all you MotoGP fanatics on here...........know who this guy is?

    Leon Camier

    Here's another pic......

    That's right! Last night Ryan McAllister hit me up for a group of us to hit the track for a little SM riding. We had a awesome group of guys and girl riders and we had a BLAST! My buddy Sebastiao and Leon was tearing it up out there! It was cool to see a local AMA rider and Britains MotoGP rider getting busy. Ryan and Sara and the rest of the crew was a awesome group to hang & ride with. Was a Bad Ass Night for sure!!!

    Klem Ulaga, Jon Mullins, Sebastiao Ferreira, Leon Camier, Vaclav Burger, Sara Probert, Ryan McCallister & Nicholas Altamura

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