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    I recently adjusted the chain on my 2000 yzf600 r. After a few days I noticed it seemed too tight so when I got home, I checked it again and it was too loose.
    I put the bike up on the rear stand and rotated the rear wheel and the chain would alternate from tight to to loose. After consulting the manual, I checked for chain stretch in several location on the chain and everything is within spec.
    After adjusting it again I checked it again in different positions and it ok.
    After getting to work yesterday (approx 60 miles) it was loose again.
    Any ideas?

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    is your rear sprocket no longer round?

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    I haven't checked. It looked ok with a visual inspection. I just ordered a chain/ sprocket kit. I won't get it until tuesday though. This is my only transportation right now. I have to keep it running.

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    It's safer to leave the the chain a little looser than going too tight. So for the time being I'd say readjust the chain slack so there is atleast the minimum slack at the tightest spot till you get a chance to replace with a new kit.

    The current chain is definitely worn out. Once the chain is near end of life, it will "stretch" faster.

    When there are tight spots in the chain, it will wear into the sprockets too.

    Way too tight, then you risk damage to transmission output shaft bearing and seal.
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    Replace the chain! I had a friend that waited too long and it cost him the motor. If you need help with it, give me a call.

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