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  1. The knockout: Wa' happened?


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    “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth” - Mike Tyson

    As much how I love Filipino boxer; because I am. But...,!

    Wa’ happened? Manny Pacquiao walked head first into an incoming train, the Marquez Express. That’s wa’ happened.

    The next question is: Why?

    Trainer Freddie Roach forgot to remind Pacquiao that blocking a right straight with one’s jaw is never a good idea. Not even if you’re convinced that your jaw can break your opponent’s fist. The only time the tactic is worth considering is if you’re an insomniac and you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep.

    Ronnie Nathanielz the boxing pundit blamed it on Manny’s lack of conditioning. He said Manny sparred and jogged and hit the bags which were fine for the cameras but not good enough to face a boxer like Marquez and who went all out on strength conditioning. Like Pacquiao used to do. He added Pacquiao should have done extra hard conditioning specially since he lost his last fight with Marquez. But he didn’t. And so what could have been only a fender bender with a speeding bus turned into a train wreck.

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    Finally someone starts a thread about the fight! I figured if Marquez didn't know PAC man by now, he never will. PAC was chillin watching the pre fight while Marquez was warming up! I like PAC but damn he had that one comin lol. He was to confidant and got his ass handed to him! Everybody is saying Marquez was on some sort of a performance enhance drug. I think the only he opened up was a can of woop ass lol!

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    Pac-Man took it easy because he thought he won the other fight, despite the decision. He thought he had the cat in the bag.

    He'll man-up and come back stronger. He has something to prove now.
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    Pac-Man is done and will focus on politics. He will never take the chance of having an ending like that again.
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    it was indeed shocking. Marquez seemed to get tripped up a bit, but he got back up as if he was on a mission for life!
    I usually root for the underdog, but Pacquiao was a bit different - he was very fearless, taking on any fight challenged and even made it a point to say "hey, I'm the new kid on the block and I'm coming after everyone".

    If it was another draw or something, that would have been fine. But for Pacquiao to just be layed out like that - I don't recall Marquez out like that.

    sorry - i haven't anything constructive to add.... :\
    Quote Originally Posted by Modesto Eddie View Post
    Pac-Man is done and will focus on politics. He will never take the chance of having an ending like that again.
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  6. The knockout Wa happened


    Default The knockout Wa happened

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