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  1. Re: Rider Down in Lodi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Girl View Post
    The nurse in me wants to ask why alcohol? You wanted to re live the pain..ha ha Wound Cleanser is way better...

    Forgive him he doesn't know any better!!! Pluss we get a kick of watching suffer by his own making!!! Lol

  2. Re: Rider Down in Lodi.

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    Lol the alcohol was to make sure I got everything off the wound lol... That and I didn't have any wound cleaner so had to do with what I had... Better then the first time I went down... First time I used vodka.. I took a shot and poured a shot lol... And Gus.. Shut up u ass lol... Thanks for showing up and helping out he ur still an ass lol lol.. Oh about the gear.. The jacket fits fine yet the elbow pads do move around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex350 View Post
    Yeah i know luckily I was wearing my jacket... And well the bike... Imma start looking for a R1 and imma rebuilt my totaled gixxer over the winter... Maybe make it to a street fighter or a track bike... Haven't decided yet... Although I am looking for parts ie: gas tank, sub frame and many more

    I've got a rear rim for sale.
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