Special Doc Wong Adventure Riding South America Clinic! Sept 3rd Tue Night!


I am very excited to host a very special workshop. Mo Saito just returned from a 3 month motorcycle trip in south America. This clinic will cover what he learned from his experience: the good, the bad and the ugly. He'll share with you practical tips on how to prepare for your own amazing trip!

What: Special Doc Wong Adventure Riding South America Clinic!
When: Sept 3rd, Tuesday Night, 6:30 PM
Where: Doc Wong’s Chiropractic office
Full Motion Chiropractic
1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas
Belmont, CA 94002
How to sign up: email docwong@aol.com
Cost: $0.00

Here are the topics that will be covered:

> · How to pack for a trip that ranges from the tropical Amazon basin to snow covered passes at 1600 feet to sandy deserts. Things you may not have thought of taking!
> · Route planning and how Peru and Bolivia differ from Argentina or Chile.
> · Buy, ship, rent, or guided tour?
> · How the length of your journey might influence your choice of bike.
> · The pros and cons of traveling on a 300cc motorcycle.
> · How and how long to prepare for a third world cycle trip.
> · Chasing the Dakar

> Highlights of the trip:
> · Riding for weeks in landscape more beautiful than Yosemite with absolutely no people around.
> · Chasing the Dakar.
> · Being in places that had more wild animals than people, from
> tropical birds up north and penguins in the south.
> · A sense of freedom that felt endless.
> · Riding 14000 miles on a 300cc motorcycle.
> · Covering and learning to ride all sorts of terrain from Amazon basin jungle to sand dunes, deep gravel to snow-covered passes, with all the temperature and weather changes that this entailed.
> · Seeing cultures that have remained unchanged for centuries.
> · Hiking the Inca trail.

> Low points:
> Very few –
> · Almost running over a dead body in the middle of the road in Peru.
> · Getting hit by a car in Lima.
> · Almost having my motorcycle confiscated at customs twice!
> · Losing daylight on a mountain pass at 1500 feet just before a snowstorm.
> · Trying to service a bike in the ass end of nowhere.

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