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  1. FAG
  2. Its gone down the drain buddy. Think peole post shit just to post shit. I'm going to start posting random stuff daily, not even bike related.
  3. what happened to the forum? it used to be mostly motorcycle related seems to be more for GLAAD
  4. I only have 1 friend .... 2007 R1 .... everytime we ride I can feel you staring at my ass!
  5. Is there anybody on the forum you like...ya know....more than a friend
  6. Nobody likes you and your wheelies are uncalled for.
  7. My R1 is prettier than yours!
  8. ur gay!
  9. did u see the lethal riders post for sunday? i guess theres a ride on saturday as well...
  10. You see that group ride for October? The sac to bay ride. If you wanna go we should post a meeting area for Stockton/Modesto riders to meet half way in Manteca. Let me know if wanna ride out there, maybe we can make a back roads ride out of it.
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