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  1. HAHA! My mistake! I'll let you know if I can make it. Would be fun to watch the races!
  2. I wasn't talking about riding. I was saying if you wanted to go and watch the races? Offers open if you ever wanna go.
  3. No can do it now, Allen. I just sold the dirt bike last night...looking to get a dual sport bike next...still have my street bike though so I'll see you on a ride soon. Thanks for the offer!
  4. Dirt. Let me know if you wanna go. I have a couple ticket I'll hold for you.
  5. Flat track huh? I might be interested. Is it dirt or street?
  6. Lodi Cycle Bowl. Races start at 5:30.
  7. Nice!, lets ride! Hey, you down for any flat track racing next weekend? I've got some free entry tickets for entry. A few of us are in?
  8. Allen! I'm back, see you soon bro!
  9. Long time no see bro! I've been riding a lot lately with SCR. Hope everything is well with you and your family. See you soon! Take care!
  10. Whats up Bro! What've you been up to?
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