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  1. Anyday would be fine on the rotors. when ever is good for u. Let me know when u can get by the house. If I can't be here at the house when u come by, can u just drop them in the front by the door somewhere. If we use any of them we will pay u. Thanks Izz Whatever we don't use I will get them back to u.
  2. Yes I do have some stocked rotors but I think their warped. Let me know when u want to see them and ill stop by.
  3. good to hear you got married to that girl she's a good lady. I'll cal you the next time I go for a ride. Do u have any stock brake rotors for a CBR1000? A friend of mine is in need of a right side rotor. let me know if you do, dude will buy one from you if you have one. Thanks Izz talk to you later
  4. Yeah I married her but no kids with her. Also let me know whenever you for a ride I usually take a ride in the morning then go to work in the after noon.
  5. No track days this year at all. I need to get my body back in condition and build the muscle that I lost back before I take the chance at the race track. R u married to that gril yet? Did u have a child with that girl? If you get some time off let me know and we can go for a ride. Nothing fast just a nice a mellow pace. Talk at you later.
  6. What's up long time. How's everything? I've been working that's about it, I haven't been riding a whole lot, I've been trying to go some of these rides and events but I can't find a babysitter. Plus my days off are Wednesday and Thursday and been working 6 days a wk! But a few of the guys are going to Infineon on the 28th for a track day. What's up with u?
  7. What's up Izzy?
  8. Doing good Iz. Looks like you have been having some fun with the track days. Keep it up looks like your getting better. It will be a while before i'm able to do a trackday. Talk at you later. Stop by sometime.
  9. What up carl how are you doing? How you feel?
  10. Welcome Izz good to see you on here.
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