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  1. call me tomorrow... u have my number....
  2. What email can I send em too? He also has a CD with pictures he said he can get to you, just need to know where he can drop it off at....
  3. o and make sure the pics are good ( back ground / full pic of motorcycle ) etc... don't send me shitty garage pics or pics with a bunch of crap around it LOL LOL
  4. Email pics... phone pics do not work because of the quality
  5. Hey D-House, i texted u some pics, idk if u got em.....
  6. Thanks D-House. Can wait till we can all get together so that we all talk and get the " Whats expected" and the responsibility that comes with!
  7. I updated your award from Support to a Platium membership. Welcome aboard CVRF Staff.
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