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06-25-2015, 12:21 PM
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Last weekend was round 3 of AMA supermoto at New Hampshire motor speedway in Louden New Hampshire. I had heard at the previous round that this track was gonna be fast so I stuffed a few extra sprockets in my gear back that I waschecking. When I got to the track the road racers where flying around and I saw just how fast it was gonna be.

I was still unsure exactly what my hearing should be so I went to the smallest sprocket I brought. I was running with a 14/43 which is what I run at miles in flat track. After first practice I felt like it was perfect for this fast race track. The dirt section was very rocky and also had a sand section. It was a pretty difficult and technical to navigate through without hitting the ground.

On race day we had one 10 minute qualifying run. I ended up P8 but felt I had faster laps in me. I was in heat 1 and felt pretty comfortable running in the pack. The locals had some fast lines and I tried to take as much of that in during the race as I could to prepare myself for the main. I finished 5th out of the 10 in my heat.

The main event came around quick as we were tight on time because of the other races being run that day. I started from the 3rd row in 10th. Got a good start and tried to stay consistent and carry my momentum better in the corners. I was battling Thompson for 7th and felt like we were making up ground on the rider ahead of us. Right after the halfway flags went up in our 20 minute main I pushed it a little to hard coming into a hard braking right hander and tucked the front.

The bike slid smooth on its side and didn't get bent up but it died when I went to pick it up. I lost a few positions but it fired first kick and I was back in the race doing damage control. I made a few spots back up and brought it home in 10th. The positives of the weekend are that I have still not placed outside the top 10 this season and I ran my fastest laps in the main knocking 4 seconds off my qualifying time.

None of this could be possible without the help in receiving from Central Valley riders Forum as well as Greene Construction, Word of Mouth Kennels, AXO, and Stockton Honda Yamaha. Thank you all so much and hopefully I can put this bike on the podium very soon!

https://scontent-sjc2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/11659322_823557361068214_8105945135378264805_n.jpg ?oh=8b2fd087d857595ce12eb8ac67c2e1bd&oe=5627AEEB

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06-25-2015, 11:02 PM
Looking good out there Sam! Thanks for repping CVRF & us Cali riders out there on the National circuit! Pin It To Win It Buddy!!!